California Curb Appeal regularly looks for exceptional individuals to join our team. When you’re serving a diverse area it’s important to have a diverse team and that’s exactly what we have here at CCA. From lawyers, to educators, long-time city employees, to musicians, we have it all.


Everyone’s unique experience adds to the rich fabric that makes up our company. You won’t find stuffy suits, harsh dress codes, cold shoulders, and uptight office culture here. We’re fun, friendly, and here to help you grow. With weekly team building, ongoing training, and a wide variety of support your success is our success and we’ll do what we can, in whatever way we can, to help you reach your full potential.



The ability to think out of the box, pivot, and make decisions in the moment are qualities necessary in today’s real estate industry. The landscape of the industry is forever changing so we do what we can to be able to respond to these changes in a fresh, innovative way.


Many of our Specialists hold college degrees or expertise in very niche industries. From lawyers, to city administrators, musicians and fitness professionals – we have a broad range of representation on the team.


Strength is something we all have to build upon and when you’re a part of our team, that’s exactly what we help you do. Between continued education and the team support, we do what we can to help you get better so as a team we can remain just that – strong.


Complete the form to the right and we will reach out to you to set up an interview. We look forward to connecting with you in the hopes of you joining our team!


When you join the team, you aren’t just another face in the crowd. You aren’t thrown in the mix and hounded about numbers, quotas, or wild expectations. We see you for who you are, what you can become, and what you bring to the table. We dedicate time to supporting you and helping you hone your craft. We’ll make sure you’re well equipped, knowledgeable, and confident in your skills as an agent – and we’ll just down right have your back.

We give you the infrastructure, materials, and the tools you need to build your individual business brand, while protecting you from harm with insurance, guidance, and training. We offer fair fees and only charge what’s required to cover your basic needs; and more importantly, we have a smart commission system that rewards those that hustle, while giving extra time to those who are working full time at another company.

We’re different from most brokerages and we take pride in that. We trust you will too!  Join Our Team →


California Curb appeal does things a bit different. We offer a competitive commission structure that capitalizes on incentivizing agents who work hard!  

· Competitive commission split/ flat fee structure


California Curb Appeal prioritizes time spent with your broker. Therefore, it is suggested that each agent takes advantage of the weekly coaching sessions offered. This allows you and the broker to get to know one another, creating a mutually respectful relationship that will ultimately benefit you.


Classes are held on a weekly basis and are designed to help you improve as an agent. We cover new tactics, marketing strategy, laws, and changes in the industry. These classes are free to all agents on staff and open for all to join.

Saturday – Business Development @ 9:30am
Saturday – New Agent Test Prep @ 10:30am

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Each agent is equipped with a CRM and the upgraded Zipforms which include e-signing capabilities. The CRM is offered at a discounted price of $25 per month and includes a newsletter, website, and email campaign capabilities. The real benefit is when this is coupled with the training, you are put in the driver’s seat of your new business.